This is an invitation whose time has come. We are at a tipping point in history. The 100th monkey, so to speak, is awakening humanity to what is no longer serving us. Through grass root movements, we are gradually moving toward an awareness that we ALL can have the self-learning ability we need to thrive. 

We are moving away from the old hierarchies, intellectualism, power, greed and non-inclusive models that created the haves and the have-nots throughout the history of humanity.

Now is the time to re-evaluate our survival mode of learning, moving it from surviving to thriving, with an inclusive model of equity.

Studies indicate that the younger generation is dropping out in America and other countries around the world. We are not meeting their needs in high schools.


International High School Graduation Rates

Country High School Graduation Rate Country High School Graduation Rate
Norway 100% Slovak Republic 83%
Germany 99% France 81%
Korea 96% Italy 81%
Ireland 92% Poland 79%
Japan 91% Sweden 78%
Denmark 90% New Zealand 75%
Finland 90% United States 73%
Switzerland 89% Luxembourg 69%
Czech Republic 87% Spain 66%
Hungary 86% Turkey 53%
Canada 85% Mexico 38%
Iceland 84% United Kingdom 91%?
Australia 84%*

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the wave of new technology. There are still challenges to solve in this 21st century, and AI provides solutions. On the other hand, AI is taking over traditional jobs that used to provide employment. The old paradigm seems to be crumbling. As technology changes, our jobs are changing, and the education system struggles to keep up. Our learning needs are changing. We need to become self-learners.

Current funding levels in the USA are not able to support the antiquated system. Parents now direct their resources to education for their children in home schools and Charter schools, in coaching and self-learning tools. This seems to be the wave of our future.
As men, women and children of all ages move to new codes of learning, equity, collaboration and inclusiveness all become key. As we move out of traditional jobs replaced by technology, we embrace entrepreneurial ways of producing income to support our thriving lives.

The Self-Learning Revolution® is a new, accessible learning model of self-empowerment, creative thinking and entrepreneurship. The Coaching Handbook will be an additional support for mentors, teachers, parents and learners of all ages.

We all are naturally self-learners, but we may not know it because, for many of us, our learning and talents have been squelched within a system that allows for force, reprimand, bullying and punishment. Most of us are not holistic self-learners. We tend to focus on one aspect of our being and then neglect the rest!

The younger generation cannot learn a new model on their own, being immersed in the old ways of thinking and living in our society today. The fall-out is quite evident. Ask any voter. People fear for their children and their future. They fear that we are losing the game of learning and living today.

The Self-Learning Revolution shows us the how-to of thriving and the models we need for holistic living.

Together, let us begin this new endeavor to succeed. The time is now. We are ready. Are you?



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