To provide access to the best holistic,* high-performance, natural self-learning tools in the world, with the highest possible integrity and expertise, so that learners can take their self-learning to the next level.

In addition, we hope that through The Self-Learning Revolution books, handbooks, apps, workshops, articles, video demonstrations and information, learners can make more informed, conscious decisions about their future resourcefulness, wellness and achievement.

We are committed to constantly improving our methods, based on the latest research and services. We avidly support schools and other service organizations that emphasize a holistic approach to education, health and well-being, and that work toward a sustainable “web of life.”

(*Holistic: mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual)


For China, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, USA (and the rest of the world):

  1. Form a Learning Revolution corporation (partnerships possible).
  2. Create 2 or 3 franchise Learning Revolution centers in key countries (as training headquarters).
  3. Implement three levels of training for self-learning excellence across each country.
  4. Publish several self-learning books and handbooks for coaching the self-learner.
  5. Encourage educational systems to promote creative, mindful and critically thinking self-learners.
  6. Establish mindful, creative and critically thinking entrepreneurs and scientists.
  7. Co-create with multi-talented teams for a better world.​


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